Oral Cleaning Soft Bamboo Toothbrush

Basic Info

Model No.: Bamboo1

Product Description

The Characteristics of Bamboo Product
More tough: bamboo is more hard and dense, compressive flexural strength better than wood;
More beautiful: bamboo lines is clearly, surface is beautiful, natural color and genuine lustre, pleasant bamboo fragrance, elegant and natural style;
More durable: Do not accumulate dust, smooth bamboo joint, easy to clean, avoiding the reproduction of mites and damaged by worms;
More comfortable: Bamboo can adjust the environment humidity automatically and moisture resistant, low thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer characteristics;
More healthy: bamboo has the function of ultraviolet absorption make people's eyes feel comfort when living and sleeping indoor, can preventing myopia and other diseases of the eye;

More quiet: bamboo is absorb sound and soundproof, give you a peaceful and quiet life.

Handle material

Natural biodegradable bamboo
Bristle material Dupont nylon 
Bristle type Supersoft, soft, medium, hard
Color Natural bamboo brown color

The History of Bamboo

Chinese people have always loved bamboo, China is also one of the earliest countries in the world in research, cultivation and use of bamboo. It is easy to see from the bamboo played a great role in the formation of development of Chinese history and spiritual culture, the long standing relationship with Chinese poem, calligraphy, painting and garden construction, and closely related to people's life, China is worthy of the "Country of Bamboo Civilization". No one plant like bamboo has had such a profound influence on Chinese civilization.

 Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

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